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Breast Malformations

Breast Malformations in munich

Breast malformations

Such as: Tubular Breast Deformity / Asymmetries / Breast hypoplasia / Poland Syndrome / Amazons Syndrome / Nipple Deformities / Inverted Nipple Deformity

The female breast is the very symbol of femininity. Being content with her breasts’ shape and appearance has a very significant impact on whether a woman feels comfortable in her own skin or not. Many women, however, suffer from a genuine congenital malformation of the breasts that has already developed during the embryonic phase. Generally speaking, these deformities are very rare to extremely rare. For the affected woman, though, this information is of little help, if she is one of these very rare cases. Fortunately, plastic surgeons can provide you with highly skilled assistance. Based on my comprehensive experience, I can offer aesthetic solutions with natural-looking results for many of these malformations. 

Tubular breasts, also known as breast hypoplasia, conical breasts, or snoopy breasts, are the most common abnormalities. They have a narrow base, are long and cylindrical with large areolas. This malformation was first described in 1976, and since 2014 it is recognized as a genuine deformity and disorder. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily mean that the health insurance companies will cover the costs for the corrective surgery. 

The nipples may also be affected by several possible malformations: if they are missing entirely, the medical term is athelia; if there are too many, the condition is called polythelia.
Inverted nipple deformity affects the nipples themselves, which is not only an aesthetic but also a functional issue, since they may make breastfeeding difficult. 

Other breast malformations lead to sometimes pronounced asymmetries: the very rare “Poland Syndrome“ (first described in 1841 by the English surgeon Alfred Poland), probably is the most complex breast deformity. Here, not only the mammary gland is missing, but also the pectoral muscle, leading to possible motor impairments. The “real Poland Syndrome“ does occur more often in men than in women.

The “Amazon Syndrome“ derives its name from the ancient warrior women. According to legend had their right breast amputated to become better archers. The pectoral muscle is present, so there are no motor deficits involved. Aesthetically, however, this disorder is highly problematic since one of the breasts is missing completely or is atrophied.

Depending on the deformity, surgical correction may be more or less complicated. Similarly, the surgical technique is dependent on the characteristics of the deformity and the desired result. In a personal, in-depth consultation, I will discuss your diagnosis with you in detail, as well as all treatment options and alternatives. This way, we can decide together how to move forward. 

Detailed consultations are mandatory before surgical procedures. It is essential to talk about the motivation for this kind of surgery, to discuss whether the desired result can be achieved, and to speak about possible limitations. Other important topics are alternative treatments, as well as potential adverse side effects and possible risks. 


If you decide on a breast reconstruction surgery, it is essential that you are cared for professionally and personally during the entire process.

If you decide on surgical breast augmentation, it is essential that you are cared for professionally and personally during the entire process. 

I attach great importance to perceiving, advising, and treating you as an individual, with all your personality’s facets. My many years of experience, expertise, empathy, and communication are central pillars of my therapeutic success. Intensive and personal post-treatment care is as much a focus of my work as the preparation and the treatment itself. After all, a perfect result can only be achieved by working together as a team. 

It goes without saying that your health is always given priority. Surgery that negatively affects your health or physical integrity is not recommended and should not be performed in the first place.


The most important facts on breast surgeries

  • ANESTHESIA: General anesthesia
  • HOSPITAL STAY: 2 nights
  • COSTS:: will be determined individually after the preliminary consultation, depending on the work involved
  • FOLLOW-UP TREATMENT: 1 to 6 weeks
  • REMOVAL OF SUTURES: not applicable or after 2 weeks
  • SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: after 1 to 2 weeks
  • PHYSICAL EXERCISE: after 4 to 6 weeks