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Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
und Ästhetische Chirurgie

International Center for
Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

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International Center for
Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

Plastische Chirurgie München - Dr. med. Dr. med. Christina Günter
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Current patient info

Whether consultation, treatment, surgery or aftercare: the well-being and maximum safety of patients are the highest priority in my practice at all times.

Place your health in our hands.

Of course, aesthetic treatments or surgeries take place at all times within the framework of our proven strict hygiene and safety precautions.

Whether you visit us for a consultation, treatment, surgery or aftercare - in my practice in Munich, our experienced team will ensure a safe and pleasant stay with the highest level of competence. Because your health is close to the heart of Dr. med. Christina Irene Günter and her team - as is your desire for a new attitude to life.

Maximum safety for patients

Consultation, treatments, operations and aftercare will continue to be carried out by Christina Irene Günter, MD, without any restrictions. In order to offer you our usual professional service, we ask our patients to observe the general hygiene rules. In this way, you can make a decisive contribution to protecting yourself and others from infection.

If you feel ill (cold symptoms, fever, cough, sore throat, etc.) we ask you to postpone the appointment, if possible, call us.
If this is not possible, we ask you to wear FFP2 masks during the entire stay in the clinic. The only exception is the time during the examination or treatment when Dr.med. Christina Irene Günter asks you to remove the mask.
Please refrain from shaking hands and other physical contact during the greeting!
Make sure to wash your hands regularly!
Disinfect your hands as soon as you enter our practice rooms and during your visit!
Cough and sneeze into the crook of your arm and turn away!
Do you feel ill? Then please postpone your appointment!

We are happy to help you!

You have questions, want to make an appointment or reschedule? Feel free to contact us at any time! Christina Irene Günter, MD, and her team are also available during these special times.