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Skin Rejuvenation in munich

Skin Rejuvenation / Hautverjüngung
(PRP Treatment, Medical Needling, Skin Booster)


Our skin’s ability to regenerate decreases over the years, cell division in the skin, and the production of crucial connective tissue structure slow down. Our skin becomes thinner, less elastic, its youthful glow disappears while fine lines and wrinkles materialize. Gentle, modern treatment methods (such as Platelet-Rich-Plasma Treatment, i.e. Vampire Lift, Medical Needling, and Chemical Peelings) can lead to significant improvements and help you feel like your younger self again.

A very effective, well-tolerated, and minimally invasive method based on the therapeutic use of the patient’s own blood is the injection of enriched PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma / Platelet concentrate) also called vampire lift. This method harnesses the body’s natural repair and regeneration mechanisms. PRP is a highly potent cocktail of growth factors that stimulates wound healing processes, for example, after an injury. To rejuvenate your skin, PRP stimulates cell division, increases the production of new elastic and collagen fibers, and creates new extremely fine blood vessels (capillaries). The skin regains volume and elasticity and appears fresher, and, overall, younger. Your complexion appears rosier, the contours softer, small wrinkles, and scars become weaker.

For PRP treatment, a small amount of blood is taken from the patient and subsequently processed into blood plasma by centrifugation. The PRP, which is rich in growth factors, is injected subcutaneously, with many small punctures and tiny doses, to stimulate the body’s regeneration or serve as a natural filler.

One of the advantages of this natural autologous blood therapy is the complete absence of substances foreign to the body. The body quickly absorbs the injected blood plasma, precluding possible allergies. The procedure is virtually painless and does not leave any scars. The application of an anesthetic cream with numbing effects further reduces the sensation of pain to a minimum. PRP treatments can also be combined with other procedures, e.g., treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers that restore volume and moisture to the skin.

Visible swelling, bruises (hematoma), painful areas, and slight asymmetries may occur sporadically for the first 2 to 5 days after a PRP treatment.

After the treatment, the skin regains volume and becomes fresher and smoother day by day. As a rule, several repeated treatments at intervals of three to six weeks are necessary for a successful therapy; the actual number may vary from case to case. Another two to three months will pass before the final result is achieved, which will last for one or two years. Regular repetitions of the treatment will keep your skin younger and more vibrant.

The effect of a PRP treatment can be intensified by combining it with “Medical Needling.“ Here, thousands of small needle punctures are placed several millimeters deep into the skin under local or general anesthesia, using a special surgical instrument. The treatment stimulates a considerable regeneration boost. “Medical Needling” is also used to treat scars. If desired, Medical Needling can also be applied as the sole treatment, without PRP.

Alternatively, a special hyaluronic acid, a so-called skin booster, can be used for treatment instead of PRP, resulting in an incomparable moisture booster for your skin, visibly stimulating skin regeneration.

In a personal consultation, Dr. med. Dr. med. Christina Irene Günter will discuss sensitively and in detail which treatment or therapy is to be recommended in your individual case. Dr. med. Dr. med. Christina Irene Günter will also explain the course of treatment as well as possible adverse side effects and risks.

If you decide on one of these treatments, it is essential that you are cared for professionally and personally during the entire process.

I attach great importance to perceiving, advising, and treating you as an individual, with all the facets of your personality. My many years of experience, expertise, empathy, and communication are central pillars of my therapeutic success. Intensive and personal post-treatment care is as much a focus of my work as the preparation and the treatment itself. After all, a perfect result can only be achieved by working together as a team.

The most important fact on PRP Treatment and Medical Needling

  • DURATION OF SURGERY:from 30 minutes
  • ANESTHESIA:: locally applied anesthetic cream
  • TREATMENT:: out-patient
  • COSTS:will be determined individually after the preliminary consultation, depending on the work involved
  • CHECK-UP: after 2 weeks
  • SOCIAL ACTIVITIES:: depending on the treatment immediately or after 1 week
  • PHYSICAL EXERCISE:after 2 days / 1 week