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Upper Lip Lift

Upper Lip Lift in Munich

Upper Lip Lift / Oberlippenlifting


With increasing age, our face and skin are susceptible to natural changes. These include volumetric losses in the deeper tissue layers, fatty and conjunctive tissue, and bone degradation. In addition, the facial conjunctive tissue slackens: the loosened tissue layers and excessive skin are pulled downwards by gravity, changing the facial contours.

The area around the mouth is subject to a particular aging process: The position of the teeth changes, the jawbone recedes, both the upper lip arch and dimple flatten.

The space between the nose and the top of the lip becomes increasingly larger. As a result, the upper lip support is gone, the vermilion border becomes long and flaccid, and the vermillion is pushed down or back. As a consequence, the lips appear thinner, and the youthful smile is lost.

With upper lip augmentation, women of a certain age can regain their youthful smile. In the vast majority of cases, the environment will not notice anything in a positive sense: I am known for my gentle methods and natural-looking results.

During the surgery, an incision is made directly in the nasal vestibule, and several millimeters of skin are removed. The shortened skin causes the upper lip to appear younger and fuller.

If necessary, Dr. med. Dr. med. Christina Irene Günter will use this opportunity to correct smaller or larger wrinkles, for example deep lines, such as the nasolabial fold or smaller wrinkles around the mouth. Depending on the situation, the patient’s own body fat or hyaluronic acid are used for this purpose.

As an experienced specialist in aesthetic and plastic surgery, I often combine upper lip lifts with other aesthetic procedures for an optimal overall result and a fresh, natural-looking face.

After the surgery, constant cooling of the eye area has proved beneficial: the contraction of blood vessels reduces the risk of secondary bleeding and swelling. In the first few hours after the operation, a well-fitting eye bandage is also advantageous as it reduces swelling and bruising, thus improving the entire healing process. It is also essential to avoid rubbing your eyes after a lip lift.

Minor hematoma and swelling are normal and will disappear after a few days or weeks. The sutures will be removed after five to seven days. You should avoid physical exercise for up to six weeks.

With progressive age-related tissue sagging, upper lip surgery can be repeated; however, experience shows that this is necessary only after several years.


As with any surgical procedure, an upper lip lift may lead to bruising (hematoma), secondary bleeding, swelling, wound healing disorders, and wound dehiscence. Temporary numbness of the treated area may also occur.

If you decide on upper lip lift surgery, it is essential that you are cared for professionally and personally during the entire process. 

I attach great importance to perceiving, advising, and treating you as an individual, with all your personality’s facets. My many years of experience, expertise, empathy, and communication are central pillars of my therapeutic success. Intensive and personal post-treatment care is as much a focus of my work as the preparation and the treatment itself. After all, a perfect result can only be achieved by working together as a team. 

The most important facts on upper lip surgery

  • DURATION OF SURGERY:approx. 1 h
  • ANESTHESIA: twilight sleep with local anesthesia or general anesthesia
  • HOSPITAL STAY: 0 to 1 day
  • COSTS:will be determined individually after the preliminary consultation, depending on the work involved
  • FOLLOW-UP TREATMENT: 1 to 6 weeks
  • REMOVAL OF SUTURES: after 5 to 7 days
  • SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: after 1 to 2 weeks
  • PHYSICAL EXERCISE:after 4 weeks