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Upper Eyelid Corrective Surgery

Upper Eyelid Corrective Surgery in munich

Upper Eyelid Corrective Surgery

Looking radiant thanks to an upper eyelid lift

Our faces are our “business cards,” and our eyes a key factor in our communication.

There are many expressions in common parlance that emphasize the importance of eyes and their expression. We cast an eye on something, we cannot take our eyes off something, we keep an eye on our treasures, we recognize good or bad intentions in someone’s calm or scowling countenance, and villains are said to have an “evil eye.” At the right moment, “bedroom eyes“ will help us achieve our goal, but they are hardly appropriate at work.

If you suffer from drooping eyelids, you already look tired in the morning, and you have a constant feeling of not being rested. Your eyes do no longer appear radiant and open. Unfortunately, more sleep or a relaxing vacation do not solve the problem. Due to the natural maturing process, our skin is more susceptible to sagging. Factors such as genetic predisposition, intense sunlight, nicotine abuse, long-term stress, and lack of sleep also contribute to the loss of firmness in the skin of our upper eyelids. In severe cases, even the field of vision may be impaired.

Corrective surgery of your upper eyelids will make your eyes appear younger and more alert. You will feel much better; the droopy eyelids will be gone, and with it, your tired looks and the constant feeling of fatigue.

A “Chemical Brow Lift“ may bring the desired results in mild cases, but usually, only a surgical procedure will help. During eyelid surgery, I will remove excess skin (Dermatochalisis) and fatty tissue in the upper eyelid.

Mit den hängenden Augenlidern verschwindet auch der müde Blick: Sie sehen wieder frisch, ausgeruht und dynamisch aus. Zusätzlich fühlen Sie sich auch deutlich besser, das Schweregefühl der Augenlider ist weg und damit auch die unterschwellige Müdigkeit.

With great sensitivity, Dr. med. Dr. med. Christina Irene Günter will ensure that you will see and look much better after the procedure. In most cases, the treatment will remain unnoticed by your environment.

In a personal consultation, Dr. med. Dr. med. Christina Irene Günter will answer your questions and discuss sensitively and in detail, which treatment or therapy is to be recommended in your individual case. Dr. med. Dr. med. Christina Irene Günter will also explain the course of treatment as well as possible adverse side effects and risks.

After the surgery, constant cooling of the eye area has proved beneficial: the contraction of blood vessels reduces the risk of secondary bleeding and swelling. In the first few hours after the operation, a well-fitting eye bandage is also advantageous as it reduces swelling and bruising, thus improving the entire healing process. It is also essential to avoid rubbing your eyes after an upper eyelid lift.

Minor hematoma and swelling are normal and will disappear after a few days or weeks. The sutures will be removed after five to seven days. You should avoid physical exercise for up to six weeks.

With progressive age-related tissue sagging, upper eyelid surgery can be repeated; however, experience shows that this will be necessary only after several years.


Upper eyelid surgery may lead to bruising (hematoma), secondary bleeding, swelling, scars, and wound dehiscence. Infections are very rare. Occasionally, patients complain about dry and irritated eyes, but this is only temporary.

If you decide on upper eyelid surgery, it is essential that you are cared for professionally and personally during the entire process. 

I attach great importance to perceiving, advising, and treating you as an individual, with all your personality’s facets. My many years of experience, expertise, empathy, and communication are central pillars of my therapeutic success. Intensive and personal post-treatment care is as much a focus of my work as the preparation and the treatment itself. After all, a perfect result can only be achieved by working together as a team. 

It goes without saying that your health is always given priority. Surgery that negatively affects your health or physical integrity is not recommended and should not be performed in the first place.

The most important facts on upper eyelid surgery

  • DURATION OF SURGERY:from 1 hour
  • ANESTHESIA: twilight sleep with local anesthesia or general anesthesia
  • HOSPITAL STAY: 0 to 1 day
  • COSTS:will be determined individually after the preliminary consultation, depending on the work involved
  • FOLLOW-UP TREATMENT: 1 to 6 weeks
  • REMOVAL OF SUTURES: after 1 week
  • SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: after 1 to 2 weeks
  • PHYSICAL EXERCISE:after 2 to 6 weeks