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International Center for
Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

Plastische Chirurgie München - Dr. med. Dr. med. Christina Günter
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Labioplasty IN MUNICH


”Size matters“ – “too big“ or “too small“ play a role in many areas of life. This phenomenon does not even stop at your own body and its proportions. It may be very stressful if individual parts are perceived as deviating from the ideal, and may lead to pronounced avoidance behavior.

The labia majora and minora form a harmonious entity, together with the clitoral hood. Many women have a problem if this harmony is not given.

The genitalia are a very sensitive area. If their appearance deviates from the ideal, many affected women suffer quietly and alone, because it is still considered a taboo to talk about these topics, incomprehensible though it may be. There is nothing to be ashamed of where the genitalia are concerned! Problems in this area are much more common than many people think, simply because so many people do not talk about them! Dr. med. Dr. med. Christina Irene Günter and her team will talk to you confidentially, personally, individually and competently, on these sensitive areas, and there is no need to feel embarrassed!

Our labia perform critical functions and protect us against infections, skin irritations, and the dehydration of the genitalia’s mucous membranes. This is why they deserve more respect than being a shameful secret. The labia go through changes due to hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, age, and are also affected by individual predisposition with regard to size, firmness, volume, and pigmentation, which is often undesired. Fortunately, these changes can be treated with modern, gentle, minimally invasive methods.

Frequent treatments include reducing the labia minora, sometimes in combination with the tightening of the clitoral hood. Enlargement or tightening of the labia majora has also become quite popular.

In a personal consultation, Dr. med. Dr. med. Christina Irene Günter will discuss sensitively and in detail which treatment or therapy is to be recommended in your individual case.

It goes without saying that your health is always given priority. Surgery that negatively affects your health or physical integrity is not recommended. Detailed consultations are mandatory before surgical procedures. It is essential to talk about the motivation for this kind of surgery, to discuss whether the desired result can be achieved, and to speak about possible limitations. Other important topics are alternative treatments, as well as potential adverse side effects and possible risks.


Intimate cosmetic surgery may lead to bruising (hematoma), secondary bleeding, swelling, wound healing disorders, infections, and wound dehiscence. Temporary numbness of the treated area may also occur.

If you decide on a surgical procedure, it is essential that you are cared for professionally and personally during the entire process.

I attach great importance to perceiving, advising, and treating you as an individual, with all the facets of your personality. My many years of experience, expertise, empathy, and communication are central pillars of my therapeutic success. Intensive and personal post-treatment care is as much a focus of my work as the preparation and the treatment itself. After all, a perfect result can only be achieved by working together as a team.

Your advantages

  • The clitoris itself remains unaffected
  • At least two extensive consultations pre and post-surgery-
  • Intensive follow-up treatment
  • Active treatment controls / Intensive post-treatment process
  • Qualified contact person pre- and post-treatment
  • Experience with and focus on “female” surgery
  • Honest cost transparency
  • Comprehensively qualified instructor and trainer for plastic and aesthetic surgeons
  • International activity

Die wichtigsten Fakten zur Schamlippenverkleinerung

  • ANESTHESIA: twilight sleep with local anesthesia or general anesthesia
  • TREATMENT:one day in-patient stay or out-patient
  • COSTS:will be determined individually after the preliminary consultation, depending on the work involved
  • FOLLOW-UP TREATMENT: 1 to 6 weeks
  • REMOVAL OF SUTURES: no sutures or absorbable sutures
  • SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: after a few days
  • PHYSICAL EXERCISE:after 6 weeks